AVOW was built from the ground up with the most demanding growth marketers in mind. Our technology will filter fraudulent conversions and our service team of industry veterans solve problems before they become your pain points. 


Smart Engagement System (SES)

As media buyers, we know that advertisers have an abundance of suppliers to choose from and competition for ad spend is fierce. Our mandate is to be as efficient as possible with your ad spend. That does not mean paying for installs that never materialize into monetizable users. Our SES algorithm offers an enhanced performance pricing model for advertisers to only pay for down-funnel user engagement, thus reducing acquisition costs, risk and increasing return on ad spend.


XPELL Fights Fraud

We believe that ad fraud is theft. Avow was built from the ground up as a bespoke mechanism to fight all forms of fraud. We have layered proprietary and third party fraud detection into our analytics platform to proactively fight fraud at every instance. Each Avower is a fraud specialist and is mandated to identify and action any data irregularities until resolved.


Industry Expertise

Avow is staffed by industry veterans from +8 different countries. The average Avower has at least 6 years of industry experience. 75% of the team has been employed as media buyers. 90% of the team are expats with extensive, multi-regional knowledge. Collectively, this experience level means that Avow can offer significant insight to your growth strategy and guide international expansion.


Proactive Post-Install Optimization

We know that we have to prove ourselves every day. Our intent is to maintain long-terms sustainable partnerships with advertisers. That means we protect your marketing spend by cutting inefficient inventory. We succeed when your campaigns achieve their KPI.


Vetted Global Inventory 

Each campaign is unique and requires proven traffic. Avow aggregates pre-eminent mobile inventory across markets in order to drive the best results at scale. 


Transparency and Control

We remove the black box. Avow exchanges all data available with our clients to create a partnership based upon transparency and control. Avow is your trustworthy extension of your in-house marketing team.